New Walkover, Lift Improvements Ready For Your Business

We’ve been busy at Tekno improving our products!

In previous issues, we’ve featured design improvements on our Walkovers and Vertical lifts. These designs are now a reality and are being tested by our R&D department. We are putting these
items through their paces to ensure they will meet your needs. They are one step closer to making it to your plant floor.

Walkover Improvements

As we highlighted before, the walkovers feature 1-5/8” round handrails that are easy to grip and comfortable for your operators. They come with a variety of brackets to work for your needs!

Stair Treads

The Stair treads are molded rugged and durable. They provide a slip free surface for your operators. The step angle is a comfortable 38 degrees so it’s easy to walk up and doesn’t take up too much room.

Vertical Lift Improvements

As we outlined before, we’ve redesigned our chain attachments and tensioning system to stand up to the most critical applications. The new methods take full advantage of the chain’s strength allowing us to pick up more loads than ever. The added chain strippers ensure that maintenance won’t be your “downfall”.