Tools Required:

  • Tekno Chain Break (05X30F02 or 05X30F03)
  • 1/2″ Wrench or socket
  • 11/16″ Wrench or socket
  • 9/16″ Wrench or socket

Recommended: Battery impact or driver

It is always best to locate the masterchain instead of breaking the chain, however, in some instances, it may be required. The first step is to remove the catenary gaurd. There are four bolts located on the bottom of the guards. Using the 1/2″ wrench or socket, loosen and remove the guard. Next, pinch the chain in a “v” and fit the chain break tool over the length that you need to break. Tighten the holding nut down with your fingers to fit snug on top of the chain.

Using an 11/16″ wrench or socket, tighten the holding nut in place. Using a 9/16″ wrench or socket, tighten the bolt on the end which drives the pin out and allows the link to come apart. Switch back to the 11/16″ wrench and and loosen the holding nut to remove the chain break. Repeat the process on the adjacent link. Now the chain is ready to come apart. Remove the access rollers and pins and discard.