Tools Required:

  • Masterlink
  • Fish tape
  • Crank handle

At Tekno, we provide different varieties of conveyors, including standard drive, bottom access, and center drive. The video demonstration features a center drive conveyor on a wide beam. The procedure is the same on all types of conveyors, however, the difference is where you will break the chain on each type. Start by installing a bare masterlink at the end of your chain, this will help you with pulling the chain through and give you something to hook your fish tape to.

Feed your fish tape through the idler end of the conveyor. If you have a center drive, you will need to feed the fish tape in through the bottom of the center drive instead. Once the fish tape comes out, hook it onto your masterlink on your chain and carefully feed the chain through while someone on the other end pulls the fish tape back. Be sure to keep your hands clear at all times.

Once you get to the center drive, you will want to engage the chain in the sprocket. Then, you can disconnect your fish tape and use your crank handle to turn. Continue turning the handle until your chain comes out the side. If you don’t have a center drive, then just continue turning until it gets to the end of the drive side. Once your chain comes out, get it onto the sprocket and pull it around the top, and then pull the chain all the way down to the opposite end of the conveyor. Once your chain comes out on the opposite side, follow the procedure for installing a masterlink according to your conveyor type.