Tools required:

  • 5/32″ punch
  • Channel lock pliers
  • Pry-bar or long flat screw driver
  • 3/4″ wrench

To begin breaking a PD60 Conveyor Chain, you will start by loosening the end of the hyperend of the conveyor. Ensure the chain is loose and is able to be freed from the track. Pins will come out easier on one side. Gently tap to knock the pin loose. You can then remove the chain and pull it out of the conveyor. To rejoin the chain, pull it back together and press the pin back in the same direction that it came out. Hold it in place and use a pair of channel lock pliers to push it in the rest of the way and ensure it sits down all the way in the track. To retention the chain, use a screwdriver and pull out and tighten the nut.