Tekno is a proven industry leader in offering the pallet assemblies to match your production requirements. Our pallet solutions set the standard with a long list of product options and features.

We offer a full line of standard pallets with an unmatched 4” overall height. This allows you to return the pallet underneath your assembly line while keeping your conveyor at a very ergonomic height of just 29″. This still leaves plenty of room for tooling and our revolutionary quick-change tooling plate. Tekno also offers custom pallet programs where we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

A spring-assisted tilt action makes it easy for your operators to maneuver the pallet for convenient, ergonomic access to the product they are working on. Pallets also have a full 360-degree rotational movement with 90-degree detents to stabilize the pallet.

Automatic clamping and unclamping make workpiece change rapid while maximizing position precision and repeatability.

Other specifications include:

  • Hard anodized aluminum base plate*
  • 800 lb tooling & product capacity
  • (4) Locating bushings @ 18” centers
  • Corner roller bearings w/urethane covers for easy transitions
  • Robust slewing ring for smooth, quiet rotation
  • 90 Deg.Spring-loaded detents for rotation
  • Two-hand tilt release for safety
  • Configurable die springs for tilt assist or quick set-torsion spring for tilt assist
  • Maximum tooling area available
  • Optional quick change tooling plate

Download the Pallet brochure to learn more about our pallet features and design.

*Standard size pallet is 26″ X 26″ and can be quick shipped.


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