Our 2060 Non-Synchronous conveyors offer great flexibility in designing the flow of your workstations. You can hold a pallet or product in a station without starting or stopping the conveyor. In addition, a unit “held” at one station will not affect product flow downstream.

The unique chain roller action conveys pallets at over 2.5 times the chain speed. Optional heavy duty outboard guide rail is also available for wider pallets. This allows conveyor rails to be strategically positioned to reduce the potential for pallet sagging.

Our conveyors are also screw shedding, meaning the top surface of the conveyor beam slopes to either side. This directs small screws and other debris down and away from the conveying surface to reduce jams and increase conveyor longevity.

The Gemini 2060 Conveyor chain is specially engineered for non-synchronous pallet movement and tailored toward assembly operations. It features molded-in-place chain clips to prevent foreign articles from entering the chain or conveyor. The chain is designed to be 100% lubricated for life in the factory, with no additional lubrication or maintenance required. The chain features nickel-plated side plates and pins for extended life and corrosion resistance.

The Gemini 2060 Conveyor’s drive assembly has a built in blower system to remove dirt and debris from the chain. These blowers come equipped in the drives and directed at the optimal point on the chain to remove the most dirt and debris. The blowers can be plumbed to a solenoid valve and programmed to routinely blow off the chain to prevent build-up.

This is an additional option to add a center drive in order to make the conveyor go bidirectional, if preferred.


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