Our 2060 Over/Under Conveyors are designed to help save floor space in your facility. This conveyor allows you to build on the top section of the conveyor while the pallet returns to the lower section. The 2060 Over/Under is tailored for assembly and features an accumulating chain used for non-synchronous conveyors, enabling a unit to be “held” at one station while not affecting product flow downstream.

The 2060 Over/Under also features our screw shedding design, which directs small screws and other debris away from the conveying surface to prevent jams and increase the longevity of your conveyor. The chain is designed to be 100% lubricated for life in the factory, with no additional lubrication or maintenance required.

The lifespan of the 2060 Over/Under Conveyor is further increased with built-in blower systems to prevent build-up by routinely removing dirt and debris from the chain.


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