Our 2060 Synchronous conveyors index or move continuously at a speed based on station cycle times. We’ve taken everything you love about our 2060 Non-Synchronous conveyors and converted it into synchronous motion. Features include screw shedding, maintenance-free chain, chain cleaners, and more. This allows for our Non-Synchronous and Synchronous conveyors to work together to meet your unique production needs.

When a pallet is introduced to Tekno’s synchronous line, it “double pluses” to contact the dogs. Once the pallet is stopped by the dogs, the pallet is conveyed at the speed of the dogs – based on chain speed (pallet is now located between leading and trailing dogs). When it’s time to unload the pallet, the product accelerates (double-pluses) off of the conveyor as soon as the leading dogs drop away over the drive end.

The dogs have a built-in reflector that can be used in conjunction with the photoeye to detect the position of each dog. This allows simple control of the system for indexing, loading, and unloading. Each dog is directly fixed into the chain making a very low profile and clean design.

This is an additional option to add a center drive in order to make the conveyor go bidirectional, if preferred.


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