Our 2060 Wide Roller conveyors take all of the time-tested features from our 2060 Synchronous conveyor and incorporates them into a new wider roller. This allows a great variety of product to be conveyed on the chain, such as slip sheets, plastic shipping pallets, corrugated boxes, wooden shipping skids, or welded steel baskets and racks. Our wide roller conveyors can also be used for shipping systems and transporting other non-standard pallets. The wider roller allows for more surface contact with your pallet, preventing the rollers from falling into features on the underside of the pallet commonly found on wooden skids and injection molded pallet bases.

The 2060 Wide Roller chain can be used with molded-in-place chain clips just like our 2060 Synchronous chain. This prevents small articles from lodging in the chain or falling into the conveyor beam.

This is an additional option to add a center drive in order to make the conveyor go bidirectional, if preferred.


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