Our modular Slat conveyors can be utilized in continuous or indexing applications for assembly or transportation. The T-slotted cross bars allow easy mounting and re-configuration of part fixturing.

Slats can range from 2″ to 20′ in length, depending upon product weight and speed and the conveyor itself ranges from 48″ to 200′ in length. Slat conveyor systems have a carrying capacity of 500 lbs per foot at speeds from 0-90 FPM.

Slat conveyor systems can be configured at three angles. The 45° orientation provides an ergonomic solution for operator tasks. Vertical (90°) orientation allows longer parts to be hung from the conveyor and also allows the conveyor to become a stand-alone indexing station. Horizontal orientation provides a flat surface for virtually any manufacturing process.

Our exclusive modular Slat conveyor system is unlike any other conveyor system in the world. Unmatched flexibility, world-class appearance, and the quality you’ve come to expect from Tekno combine to make this innovative conveyor one that can rise to meet any challenge.


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