Our Pallet Stops catch, hold, and release pallets in response to outputs from the system’s PLC. Each one is fitted with a shock absorber that cushions the impact force of the incoming pallet, bringing it to a smooth stop without any kickback. They’re designed to go with conveyor systems that handle between 0 and 2500 lbs of product.

We use our shock-absorbing end stops to reduce impact through a 1-⅝” Decell Pallet capture feature and to prevent pallets from being pushed back during the assembly process. Pneumatically powered stopping devices are used to assist in controlling the flow of each pallet along our Gemini conveying systems.

Locating Pallet Stops are designed to consistently stop and hold the pallet at a predetermined location. Each time a pallet is stopped, the shock absorber is fully collapsed. Standard applications for pallet sizes range from 12 to 96 inches, but can be customized for more robust needs.


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