Tools/Materials Required:

  • 5/32″ Allen wrench
  • Nord Communication Cable
  • Serial to USB Adapter
  • Computer

If your computer doesn’t have a serial port, you will need a serial to USB adapter hooked up to your computer.

First, you need to know which communication port your computer will be using. Go to the “start menu”, then “computer”, right-click and select “properties.” Go the “device manager” in the upper-left corner and find “communication ports” down the list. Expand that and locate which communication port you will be using. Remember which communication port it is so you can set it to the software.

Remove the cover over the programming access port. Plug one end of the cable into the VFD and the other into your computer.

Start with the Nord Con Software. Go to the “extras” menu at the top and select “communication settings.” Select the proper communication port under the “dialogue” box. Then, close out the “dialogue” box. Now go to “device” and then “bus scan” to scan for devices. If it finds a device, it will pop up after the scan is complete. Now go to “device” and “parameterize”, select “search for all parameters.” This will load in all of the parameters from the current drive. Now save the file by going to “file” and “save as” and select a name for it. Now you will have the settings saved from the VFD and you can switch it out with the new VFD. Remove the programming cable from the old VFD, as well as the four bolts on each side. Be sure all power is disconnected from the VFD and no cables are coming into it.

Remove the VFD from the base. Place the new VFD back on the base and tighten the bolts in place. The system will need a minimum 24-volt power to operate, so you can download the new program and reconnect all of the power supplies. Plug the programming cable back into the VFD and go to your Nord Con software. Select “device” and then “bus scan” to scan for the new drive. Once you find it, it will ask if you want to read the parameter, select “yes.” Select “device” and then “download parameters to device.” Select the file that you saved earlier and now it will download the settings to your new drive. When you’re done, select “ok,” then do another bus scan. You’ll want to check some of the parameters to make sure everything has transferred over properly and it has the new settings for your drive.