At Tekno, we are dedicated to putting our customers first, from the initial request through ongoing support. They are the reason we do what we do! From general maintenance, adjustments, and repairs, our goal is to fulfill any and all needs, our customers might have.

We will make on-site visits, ship parts, adjust current systems and more. We also offer contracts to all of our clients for regularly scheduled maintenance and offer a 3-year warranty on all new systems. If you’re experiencing a problem, want to make a modification to your current system, or just want to request general maintenance, we can help. Just contact a Tekno Sales Team member and we’ll get started – or you can check out our maintenance and support videos below!

General Maintenance

General maintenance helps to maintain equipment to perfect working order, increase its lifespan, and prevent more costly repairs down the road. We recommend regularly scheduled general maintenance on all our products. This is first and foremost a clear and direct way for us to help and support our customers. Additionally, we see this benefitting our customers by saving them money in the long-term, preventing unnecessary down time, increasing productivity, and extending the lifespan of the product itself.


Adjustments have become a part of our maintenance and support process because many of our customers have found the need for us to make small or large modifications and additions to their existing equipment as they adjust their processes, increase production, and/or add new products. We want to help make these adjustments simple and easy, so our customers can achieve their goals unhindered. If you have an adjustment need, simply let us know. We’re here to help!


Repairs are a necessary part of our operation. For our customers, we stock common maintenance and replacement products. This way, we can have a replacement or maintenance product shipped within 24-hours. This allows for a quick turnaround, which leads to quick repairs, less downtime, and faster resolution to any issues our customers might face. In addition, we have emergency onsite service and support available, so you get the help you need – fast.